WILD Swimrun launches global Ambassador program & free community

WILD Swimrun, the community for women by women known for organizing popular Swimrun camps and events for females, communicates a restructure of the organization enabling more women and families to benefit from Swimrun. Through an ambassador programme for active women, they will reach out locally at different locations worldwide while keeping a global outlook with their digital community, which is now free of charge to join. 

WILD Swimrun has been a starting point for Swimrun for women and families since its launch in 2017. Even during the pandemic year 2020, the founders Maria Rohman and Fanny Kuhn, kept up the WILD spirit with inspirational social media content, running the global WILD Swimrun Club online for its members and by organizing smaller COVID-safe events in Sweden. Realizing the need for strong communities that transcend borders, Maria and Fanny have now decided to open up the WILD Club (that had until now been a paid membership) and make it into a community that is free to join for women and families.

“We think that by making it free to join, we will be able to reach many more women out there that may be waiting for that extra push or help to just get out there and try Swimrun, as well as inviting more experienced Swimrunners from different countries to the community. Fanny and I are both doing this in our free time outside of our regular jobs and in order to be able to grow the community and our brand we need the help of likeminded people,” 

says Maria Rohman, co-founder of WILD Swimrun.

Women and families that join the WILD Community can expect access to regular content with helpful Swimrun tips and news, a community offering help & support across continents, free training plans, discounts from WILD partners and exclusive early sign-up for WILD events. 

Further to the community launch, WILD Swimrun is also starting an Ambassador programme for women with initiative and leadership skills across the world. WILD Ambassadors will run WILD events (day and weekend events) for their local community with support from WILD Swimrun with equipment, supplies and marketing. WILD Ambassadors will work closely with the founders applying the “WILD ways of things” to their operations, get kitted out with the WILD Swimrun merchandise and receive compensation for their work.

The first Ambassadors officially announced are Gurjit Rai in the United Kingdom and Trista Mennen in Georgia, USA. 

If you want more information or want to get in touch with WILD Swimrun, visit wildswimrun.com or email fanny at fanny@wildwomenswimrun.com.

About WILD Swimrun

WILD Swimrun is a community for women and families – run by women and for any age, level or ambition. WILD Swimrun inspires people to get into the sport of Swimrun by creating online content and organizing day-events & Swimrun camps across the globe. Read more and join the community.