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WILD Swimrun Community,  WILD Swimrun Club  &  Team WILD Swimrun.

We are a Swimrun Community open for all women, children (and of course those men who want to support their sisters, daughters, partners) regardless of age, experience or nationality. We work towards more women trying it out and finding friends to share your weekly training and weekend excursions with. If not in person, at least online. In our Community you can find new friends around the globe. We want to show that you can be part of this wonderful nature driven sport regardless of your ambition, fitness level or experience. To be able to achieve this we organise WILD Camps, smaller events, exchange knowledge and inspiration via our social media channels and articles we either write ourselves or find interesting by others.

WILD Swimrun Club (WSRC) offers those who seek to enter competitions a platform of friends to share the experience with. We share weekly training inspiration, plan competitions together and help out in finding partners for upcoming adventures. We work towards having more active women in Swimrun and at Swimrun competitions. To create an environment of feeling part of something. It is already a quite equal sport but not when we look at participants in the fields. This we want to change. We lower the threshold to enter competitions by having peers around to share preparations, during race weekends and also sharing memories after. WSRC shows that regardless if you aim at the top of the podium at the World Championship or take your first stroke of swimming, your presence is equally important. Together we are simply better and have much more fun along the way! If you compete as part of WSRC you do so as Team WILD Swimrun. We support our teams at competitions and promote you all to join even if injured or maybe not competing. Team members are also great cheerleaders!

We love how sports unite, break down barriers and basically make us all happy. So we are on a mission to make Swimrun accessible for our youngsters via our WILD Youth Initiatives where we offer scholarships, camps, and give our youths a way of finding each other. Part of the WSRC membership fee goes towards this.

Fanny & Maria

Fanny Kuhn (Danckwardt-Lillieström)
International content marketing specialist within e-commerce and Sports & Entertainment. Former elite Swimmer in Sweden and at University of Louisville. Married, from Sweden, living in Barcelona.

Since 2015 Fanny has mainly focused on Swimrun and Open Water swimming and her list of merits is impressive with several podiums including World Champion at the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2019. Fanny has years of coaching experience in competetive swimming and Swimrun. It is incredible to watch her move in the water and hang on if you get a chance to be attached to a tow-rope to this woman.

More about Fanny: fannyfromswe.com
Email Fanny: fanny@wildwomenswimrun.com
Connect with Fanny: @fannyfromswe

Maria Rohman
International business, sales and marketing manager with event and project management experience. Educated ski-instructor, running coach and did competitive showjumping and eventing as a teen. Mother of two, from Sweden living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Maria became a runner for more than 15 years ago and since early 2017 Swimrun has been a huge passion. Maria started off her Swimrun career with several podiums and wins including ÖTILLÖ races. Currently recovering from severe knee injuries. Holds an extra passion for introducing the sport to complete beginners.

Email Maria: maria@wildwomenswimrun.com
Connect with Maria: @mariarohman